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House Way Storage Products: Complete list

Following is a list of all our products which is updated periodically. The list is meant as an alternative way to help you find the metal and wire storage products we manufacture and supply. If you already know what you are looking for, try your browser 'find' tool to enter a keyword. For Internet Explore, hold 'Ctrl' and press 'F' then type a keyword and hit 'ENTER'.


modular wire shelves
white modular wire shelves
black modular wire shelves
K/D metal rack
wire basket storage shelves
stainless steel shelves
aluminium storage rack
metal tube rack
coat wire rack
supermarket display shelves
wire shelving accessories
wire rack accessories



one drawer service cart
heavy duty service cart
three tray service cart
three shelf stainless steel cart
stainless steel shelf cart
stainless steel stock cart
stainless steel working table
stainless steel shelving
folding shelf truck
wire storage truck
wire box storage trolley
wire storage trolley
storage trolley for heavy loads
supermarket shopping cart
wire shelf utility cart
wire dining cart
cart w/ wire baskets and canvas drawers


folding wire container
light duty wire container
hanging wire container
collapsible wire containers
stainless steel wire container



wire computer workstation/desk w/ casters
wire computer desk (small) w/ casters
stainless steel table
all-in-one professional work bench
adjustable folding table
foldable plastic table (small)
foldable plastic table (medium)
center-folding plastic table
folding chair
reception chair
stacking chair
seating stool
economical office chair
ergonomic office chair



tool cabinet w/ 2 side stock trays
professional tool cabinet w/ front-back opening
7 drawer professional roller cabinet
8 drawer professional roller cabinet
12 drawer heavy duty roller tool cabinet
professional heavy duty roller tool cabinet
8 drawer roller cabinet
7 drawer roller cabinet
compact roller cabinet w/ 2 drawer chest
roller cabinet w/ 5 draw chest
all-in-one professional workbench
5 draw metal tool chest
10 draw professional metal tool chest
metal tool box & tote tray
single drawer metal tool chest
2 draw metal tool chest