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Manufacturer and Exporter of Metal Storage Containers - Quality Industrial Wire Mesh Products

Our folding wire storage containers come in various sizes catering to both your durability and spatial requirements. The design of these essential foldable containers provide a versatile solution that helps you with organization and storage no matter whether they are empty or full.

The open mesh design means visibility of the items you store (excellent for inventory control) with minimal dust and dirt accumulation. Each container is foldable and stackable making them excellent space savers when in use or not in use. We also offer optional modifications to suite any criteria you may have.


Folding Wire Container
A Foldable design for light / middle / heavy duty loads. This item is available in different sizes. Choose zinc plated or powder coated finish.

Stainless Steel Wire Folding Container
Stainless steel foldable wire container for light~heavy duty load. Available in different sizes
Applying #304 stainless material for the best solution of your material handling needs
Stainless Steel Mini Wire Folding Container
Stainless steel foldable Mini wire container available in 3 size. Applying #304 stainless material for the best solution of your environment.

Many of our storage containers come in various sizes, finishes and designs including different powder coating and plating options. Due to the nature of our items, there is quite a lot of choice when it comes to customization. We also offer add-on accessories for further customization including specially designed bases equiped with wheels/casters for easy maneuvering - essential when storing heavier loads.

Contact us today to inquire about our mesh containers for industrial storage and organization. Our experienced staff will do all they can to assist you with quotations, exporter questions, and so on.

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