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Description of our ISO-approved Quality Management System for Wire Storage Equipment

Our comprehensive quality management system has earned us ISO certification (view our ISO 9001:2000 certificate). Below is a breakdown of our quality management system:

Houseway Quality Control Process flow chart
RECEIVE ENQUIRY - First we will get a customer enquiry by email, fax, call, etc. The customer's company name, contact individual, contact information, inquiry details / issues, etc. are recorded for our reference.

SEARCH SUITABLE SUPPLIER - Once we have collected all your information and requirements, we use our extensive data resources to find appropriate suppliers. We will discuss with the best-suited potential supplier and recommend 3 for comparison of service quality and costs.

CONFIRM PRINT - For OEM cases, we prefer to receive product prints/designs from clients. If providing prints is a problem, we ask clients to submit a sample so that we can make prints. Prints are faxed/e-mailed to clients for their approval. The print is created to match client requirements. The print is not sent to the maker until the client has confirmed that it meets their requirements. Whenever necessary, modifications to the print are made until the client provides approval.

SAMPLE CONFIRMATION - Having received the product sample from the manufacturer, we check its quality and dimensions with the clients specifications. When we can confirm the sample meets all requirements, we send it to the customer for their approval. We will keep adjusting the product until our customer confirm. And then forward the sample and information to our maker.

PRODUCTION - Throughout the production process of your order, our dedicated quality control (QC) team regularly checks with the maker and monitors the manufacturing process from start to finish.


FINAL CHECK - When the production phase has been completed, the QC team will carry out final checks before the order is shipped to the client. We will have a detailed list of requirements and dimensions of the product.


SEARCH SUITABLE SHIPPING AGENT - If there are no further concerns or problems, we ship the product to our client and alert them by SHIPPING INVOICE.