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Choosing Retail, Industrial, and Warehouse Shelving and Racks

Our storage/display shelves and racks come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, load capacities, and finishes. Some shelves are more suited to certain situations then others. To help you choose products that will meet the specifications you require, we have written this small guide to hopefully help you in your decisions.

How to Choose your most suited Shelving and Racks:

  1. What kind of situation will your shelving be used in?
    Our wire and metal products are used in all kind of situations which can be broken down into three main categories:

    - Warehouse/Industrial
    - Retail
    - Home/Consumer

    Warehouse/Industrial situations require solutions that offer much more capacity on shelves for efficient storage of numerous items. Because a larger capacity is important, the shelving must also be able to take heavier loads. Industrial and warehouse shelving also may need to withstand a certain amount of 'destruction'. We recommend considering...
    » Heavy Duty wire shelving
    » Ultra Heavy Duty wire shelving
    » chrome plated or powder coated finishes

    Retail environments like the food industry have a number of varied requirements. You may value a shelving solution that is well ventilated in which case wire shelving is best. However, for storage of food products, wire shelving systems may have drawbacks, for example wire shelves will not contain spills. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on commercial shelving and one of the first may be to choose between wire and solid shelving.

    Home/Consumer situations are likely to have less demanding requirements as shelving is unlikely to carry heavy loads or be exposed to chemical corrosion and so on. Something to take into consideration though is our range of rack and shelving accessories which make our shelving very customizable for all kinds of situations.

  2. Will your shelving be storing or displaying?
    People use our products for either storage or display...

    For storage, a greater emphasis should be put on the product's strength and durability. A system of shelves that adequately supports the items that it will be storing while resisting corrosion and dust build up. Because of this, wire shelving has many advantages - it is well ventilated; reducing dust build up, better access for fire sprinkler systems; it's lightweight, allowing for easier management; it's wire construction is very strong.

    For display, strength may be less of a priority while appearance is more. An attractive finish such as chrome plated gives your shelves a very clean and modern appearance. Again, wire construction minimizes dust build up but more importantly, does not block out light crucial in displaying products. However, wire shelving is not practical for displaying small items and so Basket Storage Wire Shelving, Stainless Steel Shelving, Supermarket Display Shelving are examples of alternatives.

  3. What kind of 'destruction' will your shelving need to withstand?
    Your solution needs to withstand any form of destruction it is likely to face.

    The Warehouse is environments where your shelves may be prone to long periods of no maintenance (storing means the shelves may not be cleaned regularly) and so the finish you choose should be very long lasting. Because a warehouse is likely to be an 'industrial' environment, your shelves may need to withstand damage from moving, knocking, scraping as well as corrosion from rust and chemicals. Temperature may also be a factor. We recommend choosing very hard-wearing finishes such as...
    » Heavy Duty wire shelving
    » Ultra Heavy Duty wire shelving
    » chrome plated or powder coated finishes

    Retail display use for wire shelving means a much cleaner environment [then a warehouse]. The damage shelving for display/retail is exposed to is a lot less and so finishes may need to be more visually appealing.

  4. Is ventilation an issue?

    Wire shelving is the perfect construction for shelves that need to keep items will ventilated. The wire construction ensures air can easilt circulate. The wire construction also lets more light onto its items but possibly more important in industrial situations is safety; wire shelves enable sprinkler systems to get to a lot more quickly if there is a fire risk.

  5. Do you have special requirements?
    We offer OEM manufacturer services so if you have a special request for a particular shelving (or any other House Way product), please let us know and we will make every effort to satisfy your needs.