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FAQs about our Manufacturer and Exporter Services

Below are some issues that frequently come up when we talk to customers. The information will help you understand more about our manufacturer and exporter services. If you still have any questions or issues just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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  1. Tell me how I can pay for your services?

Is it worthwhile for our company to import products from House Way Wire Storage Systems?

If you are going to purchase a certain number of products or you are thinking about developing your own brand of products, you will achieve cost efficiency and competitive value from us. We provide you with top quality wire and metal storage solutions at very competitive exporting prices utilizing ordering, manufacturing, and distribution processes that are fast, efficient, and convenient. Moreover, our experienced quality control (QC) team carefully monitors and supervises your merchandise from the beginning of the production phase until your order is shipped. You need not worry about sending your own people to directly monitor the manufacturing processes.

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Can I buy small amounts of your products? Min. order?

Basically, we sell our products based on either 20’, 40’, or 40HQ containers. We do this so that the money saved is passed on to you (e.g., the custom charge & freight charge via ocean or air) when you order in volume at our competitive prices.

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What is OEM? What do your OEM services offer me?

OEM stands for original equipment manufactures. The exact meaning or definition of OEM varies according to the industry. With our OEM service, we help you to effectively develop your own original brand products, supply the only necessary parts of your own products, and customize a product according to your specification or requirement. We have a strong confidence in our OEM capability, since we have experienced OEM products with many famous makers in USA, JAPAN, and European Countries for more than 30 years.

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Can I build OEM storage equipment with House Way?

Yes, you can. If you seek to develop OEM products, please inform us on your requirements, specific ideas, prints, etc. Based on the information you provide, we will get back to you with product solutions as well as quotations.

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What kind of OEM services can you do? How do you precede OEM order?

We can provide you with a number of the OEM services. We will supply your necessary parts or components of your original brands / products, create a product based on your specification / need/ requirement and offer a solution for developing your own products, adding your company logo, and creating packaging.

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Do you have any quality standard or certificate?

Yes, we have been approved for ISO9001. The certification is for our quality management system. This proves our quality business process and means we maintain and enhance our service and product quality for customers effectively. See our ISO90001 certificate. In addition to that, some of our products meets NSF standards for the food industry clients and the fire proof for our clients in the chair industry.

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Can you do product sourcing for my company?

Having 30 years of experience and an enormous database of contact information means we are well equipped to find the hardware that you are looking for. More importantly, we can easily find your requested products locally in China and Taiwan because we have China office in Shanghai and Taiwan office in Taichung.

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How do you check and test our product? What is your QC like?

We have a number of veteran quality-control (QC) experts. They frequently visit our makers to carefully check and test your merchandise. After you confirm your purchase order, the QC team carefully monitors and controls your product quality from the beginning of the production until its shipping day.

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Can you talk more about QC and the kind of QC processes you employ?

Because quality control is such a central theme in our production of your order we take it very seriously. We are creating a detailed description of our QC management which will be added to the site soon.

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I see you are a Taiwanese company, can you speak English? How about other languages?

Being a trustworthy and experienced exporter, speaking and understanding English is very essential, and so we are very capable of communicating with you in English. Moreover, we have a native Japanese worker so Japanese communication is not a problem. Moreover, for any other language customers, we will find out the best way to communicate with you. So, please do not worry, and we will help you anyway we can.

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Tell me how I can pay for your services.

Basically, we accept either L/C (Letter of Credit) or T/T (Wire Transfer) at sight.
Please be informed that we can consider other payment methods according to your credibility.

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How about your lead-time on my requested merchandise?

Depending upon the type of product or complexity of OEM order, our lead-time is generally between 30~40 days after we have received your order confirmation.

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